12 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms – Ultrasound – Gender

12 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

12 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms – Ultrasound – Gender


We explain to you how your body develops with 12 weeks of pregnancy and how your baby is growing. Let us help you clarify all your doubts.

Week 12 – 1 st day

Baby Development

The baby measures about 6cm and its weight oscillates between 8 and 14 grams. Most of the internal structures are already formed. The structures will now continue to improve and grow. The baby’s external genitalia begins to be defined. Although it is not yet possible to define the sex of the fetus through ultrasound . With this week, the embryogenesis period ends. In which the embryo is more exposed to dangers that could hinder the correct formation of different organs.

At 12 weeks, the most critical stage of baby development is outdated. As of this week the risk of miscarriage drops dramatically.

During this week, the vocal cords are formed. The nails of the toes and hands gain definition.

The kidneys start working this week. The brain continues to develop.

The fingers of the hands and feet separate and begin to grow. The amniotic fluid begins to accumulate as the kidneys of the fetus excrete urine. If you are pregnant with a boy, the scrotum (a bag of skin that will contain the testicles) begins to form.

Baby’s face is changing

The baby looks completely human and is fully formed. From now on, you will spend most of your time ripening, growing, and gaining weight.

The baby’s face is changing. The eyes, which used to be on the sides of the head. Closer to each other, and the ears are practically in the final position. At this stage, the tissues and organs that have already formed grow and mature rapidly. The intestine, which was once just a swollen area of ​​the umbilical cord, begins to enter the abdominal cavity, making evident the umbilical cord connecting the fetus to the placenta.

Your child already has some reflexes, such as reacting when you lean on the belly. Even if you still do not understand it. Another reflex that is already present, very important after birth, is to suck.

Week 12 – 2nd day


Your nausea should be improving and soon you will have more energy in the day to day. It may be hard to believe if you still have nausea all the time but soon your appetite will come back.

Otherwise, an alternative to the constant medicines for nausea, is the anti-pebble bracelet. It is a type of cotton wristband found in pharmacies and often in nautical product stores. Placed on the wrist, it has a plastic button in the middle that exerts gentle pressure on an acupuncture point of the body responsible for producing nausea in the brain. It is also known as acupressure bracelet.

Week 12 – 3rd day

Strectch Marks

Stretch marks may appear already at this stage, especially in the breasts. Wearing a bra with good support can help prevent them or at least reduce the damage. Keeping the skin moisturized is always good. If you found your breasts small, at this stage you are finding the maximum. For you who already had bulky breasts, look for bras that will help more support. With wider straps so you do not hurt your shoulders and get more comfortable.

WEEK 12 – 4 th day

Pregnant Clothes

You probably still do not need to, but consider buying some basic blouses for pregnant that last the entire gestation. Girlfriends and relatives often lend pregnant clothes to each other, since they are worn for a short time. Do not be ashamed to ask. You will also enter the circle later, lending the pieces you eventually buy.

Week 12 – 5 th day

Your Health

In general, there is no greater risk of fingernails during pregnancy, as long as the frequency is not exaggerated. According to experts, there is little evidence that the chemicals used in nail polishes and removers, such as acetone and toluene, can harm the fetus. But many doctors still recommend that exposure to these products be kept to a minimum.

As in pregnancy caution is never too much. Try to do the nails in a larger interval (every 15 days, for example). and choose a salon that is well ventilated to avoid breathing strong vapors from enamels and other used hair products on the spot . Also make sure that the used pliers and scissors are properly sterilized and not just placed in greenhouses. Better yet, take your own “equipment”.

Week 12 – 6 th day

Your Body

You may notice that your skin and hair are lustrous. This is due to the action of hormones. For the same reason, some women develop acne. To avoid excess oil. Reinforce the facial cleaning care and use a moisturizer suitable for your skin type, but not greasy.

It may have a slight vaginal discharge, which is normal. However, if you feel a burning or itching when you urinate, symptoms of urinary infection, consult your doctor.

The amniotic fluid begins to be produced by the placenta . The first tests, the first ultrasound and the biochemical screening , if recommended by the doctor, may already be marked.

Your doctor may advise you to do the nuchal translucency test to check for Down syndrome . Examination of the nuchal translucency consists of measuring an area filled with fluid located in the posterior part of the fetal neck, and performed at the first ultrasound of the pregnancy (in the first trimester of pregnancy ).

Your Hair

The high level of progesterone in pregnancy leaves your hair super well hydrated and silky, but if not your case. How about devoting special attention to them this week? giving them a moisturizing bath?

You can make a home hydration yourself by using some specific product purchased from pharmacies or supermarkets.

Apply it after the shampoo, pass a comb and let it act according to the instructions on the packaging.

  • Get a nice magazine to read while you wait for the product to take effect.
  • Rinse well and then shortly show off your hair more shiny and silky.
  • Of course, if you can, go to the beauty salon for even more special hydration.

Week 12 – 7 th day


A small proportion of women continue to have nausea by the third quarter. Although not common, this happens. In addition, of course, from discomfort. Nausea that does not cease can disrupt your proper weight gain as well as cause dehydration.

Very long and severe episodes of vomiting during pregnancy can be risky for the baby. Try to alleviate symptoms by feeding yourself more often (at least five times a day, with snacks between breakfast, lunch and dinner) and always having something to eat to relieve that feeling of a hole in the stomach.

Stay alert for sudden nausea and vomiting in the second. and third trimesters because they may indicate some actual problem, such as a strong virus or food poisoning.

Seek medical advice if you vomit for more than one day, as this may lead to dehydration. Some cases require hospitalization with intravenous medication against vomiting and for faster hydration than oral.

Tips of Pregnancy

Tips for your partner

If you have decided not to know the gender of your baby, tell the doctor before starting the ultrasound. Some parents do not resist knowing the sex of the baby, not only out of curiosity, but also for practical reasons such as choosing the name , buying the first clothes or decorating the room.

However, many prefer to wait for birth to know the gender of their baby and bet on the neutral colors for accessories and other products for the baby.

Sexuality during pregnancy

Sexuality is experienced differently by each couple in each of the phases of their life. In pregnancy, this is no exception. In gestation, sexual interest, frequency, and satisfaction may change for both men and women.

Sexual intercourse during pregnancy depends on many factors, including the quality of the relationship, values ​​and attitudes towards sexuality, religious beliefs, health or specific concerns related to pregnancy.

It is imperative that the couple converse and have a sympathetic attitude to the impact and eventual changes that pregnancy provokes in their intimate life since the physical and psychological changes during pregnancy can influence physical and emotional sexual responses and both.

Pregnancy can also be a pretext for exploring different ways of giving and receiving pleasure and improving communication.

In some situations, such as vaginal bleeding, premature rupture of membranes or risk of preterm birth, vaginal sex should be discouraged.

When there are no contraindications, having sex during pregnancy is not associated with any adverse outcome.

Pregnancy Supplementation

Folic acid

  • The taking of 400 μg / day should be started as soon as possible
  • Pregnant women with a previous child with a neural tube defect or a family history of this situation should have a daily dose higher (5mg / day). This dose is also indicated in women with illness or therapy associated with decreased bioavailability of folic acid .


Potassium iodide intake should be started as soon as possible – 150-200 μg / day (provided there are no contraindications to do so).


Supplementation with 30 – 60 mg / day of elemental iron should be initiated (in the absence of contraindications to do so).

Scheme and periodicity of prenatal consultations

  1. In low-risk pregnancies it is advisable to perform the first consultation, as early as possible and up to 12 weeks of pregnancy (1st trimester of pregnancy).
  2. Carry out prenatal surveillance consultations , after the first consultation :
  • every 4-6 weeks up to 30 weeks
  • every 2-3 weeks between 30 and 36 weeks
  • every 1-2 weeks after 36 weeks until delivery

All pregnant women between the ages of 36 and 40 must have access to an appointment at the hospital where the delivery is expected to occur.

The schedule and frequency of prenatal visits may be increased, taking into account: the clinical evaluation data and the results of the complementary tests performed the needs of each woman / couple, the protocols of each Functional Coordinating Unit.

  • 1st Consultation (before 12 weeks)
  • 2nd Consultation (between 14 and 16 weeks and 6 days)
  • 3rd Consultation (before 24 weeks)
  • 4th Consultation (between 27 and 30 weeks and 6 days)
  • 5th Consultation (between 34 and 35 weeks and 6 days)
  • 6th Consultation (between 36 and 38 weeks and 6 days)
  • 7th Consultation (after 40 weeks)
  • Postpartum consultation (6 weeks postpartum)

Pregnancy Week by week

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