16 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms – Coordinate Movements

16 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

16 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms – Coordinate Movements.


We explain to you how your body develops at 16 weeks of pregnancy and how your baby is growing. Let us help you clarify all your doubts.

16 Weeks of Pregnancy! The whole body of the baby is touch sensitive. From now on, you can do delicate massages and exchange affectionate messages with him. You probably need to go shopping for yourself. Here’s the essentials about the 16th week of pregnancy.

Week 16 – 1st day

Baby Development

With the development of the brain, the fetus fine-tunes the coordination of movements: it opens and closes the hands, stretches arms and legs and grimaces. The baby can already feel the caresses done in the mother’s abdomen.

The legs lengthen and the blood vessels are fully formed. The scalp develops. The baby is a true athlete and since there is still a lot of space in the womb he moves freely. Lying down, it is possible that you feel it move (but it is not worrisome if you feel it later ).

  • The bones continue to harden and begin to retain calcium
  • The arms and legs are complete and the joints are working
  • There is myelination of the nerves and the cardiac muscle is well developed
  • The vagina and anus are already open
  • Feel all emotions experienced by the mother due to the variation of the chemicals that the mother releases according to her state of humor and that pass through the placenta to the baby’s system
  • Eyebrows and eyelashes are present
  • The eyes already move from side to side and can see light, although the eyelids are still closed
  • You can already feel the caresses done in the mother’s abdomen, which she finds quite comforting and pleasant.

Note: According to experts, each baby develops at its own pace, into the uterus. Fetal development photos are intended to give just a general idea of ​​how the baby grows during pregnancy.

Week 16 – 2nd day

Between the 16th and 20th week of pregnancy, you should perform a morphological ultrasonography, which will check your child’s development in detail (the fetus anatomy is checked, including brain and skull development, heart, cavity chest, the diaphragm, the stomach, the abdominal cavity, the bladder, the arms, the legs and the spine). Other important information that this examination can bring (although it is not always possible to see) is the sex of your child.

Week 16 – 3rd day

Take Care

The growth of the uterus can cause stitches due to the expansion of the abdomen. This type of pain is usually temporary, but be aware that enlargement of the uterus will overwhelm your back. It is important to take care of the posture to protect the spine and avoid pressure and pain.

You must have gained so far something between 2.5 and 4.5 pounds.

Week 16 – 4th day

Your Body

Occasionally, you may feel pain in the sides of your body as you jerk. The ligaments on both sides of the uterus and pelvic walls are stretching as the baby grows. It is normal to feel some pain, but if you continue to be sore for days, or if discomfort gets worse, talk to your doctor.

Now you have that nice, discreet belly of pregnancy. Show her with pride, wearing tight blouses like tails.

Week 16 – 5th day


Science has not yet been able to explain why certain women have strange desires, but hormonal changes are believed to have some influence. These changes can have significant effects on the taste and smell, making a slice of the most delicious food ham, and the smell of your favorite scent, the worst odor on the face of the earth. The taste for sour juices may increase, and the most addicted to coffee can often ruin your partner.

Week 16 – 6th day


The extra weight you’re carrying is probably responsible for nighttime cramps. They happen more often in the second and third trimesters. Among other possible causes are excess phosphorus (present in cold cuts, snacks and soft drinks) and the shortage of minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium circulating in the blood. When the cramp happens:

  • stretch
  • massage the muscle affected by the cramp
  • take a warm bath or put a bag of hot water in the affected area (sleeping means also helps)
  • walk Walking for a few minutes usually relieves them, as it stimulates circulation
  • stretch before bed
  • avoid spending too much time standing or sitting cross-legged, and try not to jump
  • whenever you are seated, move your ankle and toes, whether at work, at dinner, or watching TV
  • eat foods rich in calcium. If cramps are disturbing your life, talk to your doctor
  • eat bananas and drink orange juice, rich in potassium and
  • avoid soft drinks, because they contain enough phosphorus.
  • If the pain is constant, not an occasional cramp, or if you notice swelling or tenderness, talk to your doctor.

Week 16 – 7th day

Pregnancy and Posture

Reduce attention to the posture while walking to avoid back pain. Keep your head upright, with your chin making an imaginary parallel line to the floor, your hips near the shoulder line and looking forward. Balance your arms to help balance and also to intensify physical activity. As you exercise, strengthen the muscles of your shoulders, back and arms. Carrying the baby in the arms for long periods can be exhausting and breastfeeding may favor a cupped posture. Remember to stretch after these moments.

Tips of Pregnancy

What changes in your body at 16 weeks of pregnancy?

Throughout the 4th month your uterus will grow to the approximate size of a small melon. It is probable that the belly is already prominent and that its clothes do not serve to him.

  • If you have not yet felt your baby’s movements, you may be able to see them by this time especially if you have been pregnant before
  • The blood flow in your uterus is 5 times higher than normal. Thus, your body ensures that the baby receives all the nutrients and oxygen required for its development
  • You may feel exhausted and irritated by the most mundane situations. Sensitivity is at the edge of the skin. Take it easy and take a deep breath
  • Between 14 and 16 weeks and 6 days will have the second consultation of the pregnancy.

What can you plan for this week?

With the next next appointment, you can make a list with all your questions to ask the doctor.

You can also spend some time trying to find out whether you expect a girl or a boy by the method of our ancestors. On the second ultrasound , performed between the 19th and the 22nd week, and if that is your intention, you will be able to discover it!

The Body

  • Do not have morning sickness
  • Your extra weight is all concentrated on the belly
  • Your belly goes down
  • The halos (areas around the nipple) have darkened a lot
  • Constantly feel cold feet
  • Feel a great desire to consume foods rich in proteins (meat, fish, eggs, milk, cheese and yogurt)
  • The father is also gaining weight
  • Add your age to the month of design and the total is an even number.

The Girl

  • Have morning sickness
  • Your hair will get a reddish hue
  • Your belly is upset
  • Feel a huge urge to eat sweets and fruit and drink orange juice
  • Have mood swings
  • Add your age to the design month and the total is an odd number.

Tact – the 1st sense to develop in the womb

5th-8th week (2nd month of pregnancy)

  • It has sensitivity on the lips.

14th to 17th week (4th month of pregnancy)

  • It moves the feet and the hands that already are able to seize. With increased sensitivity, the baby reaches the hands to the mouth, kicks the fingers and plays with the umbilical cord and moves in the amniotic fluid
  • Gain sensitivity in the palms of the hands, soles of the feet and face. If you caress the baby and massage the belly, the baby feels the pressure of his movements through the uterus.

18th-22nd week (5th month of pregnany)

  • It has touch sensitivity throughout the body. The touch imparts security and affection even within the womb. Massage your belly and talk to your baby.
  • Touch is the first direction to develop. Skin-to-skin contact, touch, hugs, and caresses will be a unique form of communication between parents and children, especially in the early years of life.

Parental rights and duties

Article 68 of the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic establishes that motherhood and paternity are eminent social values ​​and, as such, parents have the right to the protection of society and the State in the realization of their irreplaceable action in relation to their children.

It further determines that women have the right to special protection during pregnancy and after childbirth, while women workers are still entitled to dismissal for an appropriate period without loss of remuneration or any perks.

The law regulates the attribution to mothers and fathers of waiver rights for an appropriate period, according to the interests of the child and the needs of the household.

With regard to the protection of parenthood, current labor legislation aims to facilitate the reconciliation of work and family life and promote equal rights of the father and mother by encouraging the sharing of parental leave. In this sense, the maternity and paternity leave is called ” parental leave “, which may be enjoyed exclusively by the father or the mother.

Check the website of the Committee on Equality in Work and Employment (www.cite.gov.en) to keep up to date on parental rights and duties.


Sleeping during pregnancy is much more complicated! Learn to sleep on your side. As the abdomen acquires volume, this is the most advisable position not to crush the uterus . However, if you move very much at night and tend to sleep on your belly up, place a cushion behind your back to decrease pressure on the uterus and prevent back pain in pregnancy .

Did you go to the gynecological check-up? Remember that from now on you will have to do it, without fail, once a month.

This is also the period when you will be reassured for prenatal examinations of genetic diseases , such as the Triple Test and amniocentesis .

Pregnancy Week by week

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