17 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms – Fetal Development

17 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

17 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms – Fetal Development.


We explain to you how your body develops at 17 weeks of pregnancy and how your baby is growing. Let us help you clarify all your doubts.

At 17 weeks of pregnancy your baby is in full development and begins to accumulate fat under the still thin and fragile skin. Although he still does not breathe, he already makes breathing movements similar to those he will do when he is born. Here’s the essentials about the 17th week of pregnancy .

Week 17 – 1st day


  • Age of pregnancy : 17 weeks ( 5th month of 2nd trimester )
  • Fetal age : 15 weeks
  • 17 Weeks of pregnancy are 119 days of pregnancy
  • Length of the fetus : 11-12 cm (measurement of the head to the back)
  • Fetal weight : 100 to 140 g (approximately)
  • Size : Lemon

Baby Development

The reflexes are operational. The baby turns around, carries his hands to his feet, kicks his finger, covers his face with his hands, which opens and closes. As it grows and occupies more space in the womb, the movements lose breadth but keeps moving.

At this stage, there are no new structures in formation, but those that are already formed increase in size and become stronger. With about 100 g, your baby can still fit in the palm of your hand.

  • The baby continually gains weight and begins to accumulate thermogenic brown fat that will aid in the production of heat after birth
  • Baby and placenta sizes are identical. The placenta is fully functioning, providing all the nutrients to the baby, and begins to produce the hormones of pregnancy
  • The heart pumps about 24 liters of blood a day, irrigating all the ends of the body
  • The reflexes are fully operational and the baby trains swallowing by swallowing and expelling amniotic fluid
  • He practices breathing, expanding and contracting the rib cage, although he is not really breathing. Oxygen is delivered through the umbilical cord which occurs until birth
  • The eyes are still closed
  • He has nails at the tips of his fingers and toes
  • Feel the caresses through the mother’s belly
  • Can hear the sounds from outside.

Note: It is important to reinforce that experts believe that each baby develops at his own pace, even inside the womb. Fetal development photos are intended to give just a general idea of ​​how the baby grows during pregnancy.

Week 17 – 2nd day

Your Body

  • At this point, your belly is already perfectly visible. The waist disappeared
  • The chest may be very sensitive to touch and the darker auras
  • The metabolism is more accelerated to meet the baby’s growing nutrient and energy needs
  • To stay healthy and energized, follow a healthy diet , exercise, and get plenty of rest
  • The upper part of the uterus will be about 4 fingers above your navel
  • Increased blood pressure can cause bleeding of the gums and nose
  • The ankles and feet may become swollen, especially at the end of the day.

Your Breasts

It is possible that the darker part around the nipples is changing in size as your breasts grow and the veins in the area of ​​your breasts are often more apparent. This is normal and may persist for up to a year after the baby’s birth.

Small balls that are around the areola (that circle more pigmented around the beak of the breast) are another novelty, that were not very visible before you get pregnant. Now these balls, a type of fat-producing gland, can become more protruding.

Week 17 – 3rd day

Marital Relationship

Even if you do not find it, your partner probably thinks it quite interesting. If there is no medical recommendation to the contrary, it is safe to have sex during pregnancy. Some women have more libido during pregnancy, while others prefer to leave sex aside. Both are perfectly normal.

Week 17 – 4th day

Execise the Memory

Whenever possible, try to exercise memory. Studies indicate that memory deficits in pregnancy may be related to hormonal variations, which leave the metabolism and reflexes slow.

For physicians, there is no specific cause for such forgettings, but rather hypotheses. Weak memory in pregnancy is almost a legend. The hormonal storm may even contribute to these passenger forgetfulness, but there is nothing to prove it. Therefore, the consensus among the experts is the change in the focus of attention at that time.

Neuroscientists report that perception, sensitivity and interest are sharpened for issues related to health, protection and family during this period. Also, one of the explanations for you to have forgotten the lyrics of your favorite song or the name of that incredible movie you saw over the weekend might be stress. The concern with the changes of the body and the planning for the arrival of the baby influence and much in the memory of the pregnant women.

Week 17 – 5th day

Your Baby

The skeleton of the newborn is composed of 300 elements (a combination of bones and cartilage). As the child grows, some of them harden and fuse. When it reaches adulthood, it will have only 206 bones. This discrepancy is justified by the growth and union of some bones, up to 18 years for women, and up to 20 years for men.

In the uterus, the skeleton is formed by cartilage, however, during the growth process, this cartilage is progressively replaced by bone. This procedure is called ossification. The process takes a long time to complete, since the definitive constitution only occurs at the ages referred to above.

Week 17 – 6th day

Skin Irritation

You may feel a lot of itching in the chest and belly, now that the skin begins to tighten. Bathing with lukewarm water – not too hot – can ease. Some women ensure that a warm bath with a solution of oatmeal can relieve the itching. Evil does not, but there is no medical recommendation for it.

Use a mild, moisturizing soap and apply the moisturizer to the skin even after bathing. Clothing can cause itching too, try to wear pants that fit under the belly. Panties or pants that cover the belly can irritate the skin.

Week 17 – 7th day

Blood and Cells

Blood cells began to be produced there in the first weeks of pregnancy. Now the blood cells are being produced on a large scale in the liver and spleen of the fetus until about 28 weeks. After that, the bone marrow from the baby’s flat bones will take up most of the blood production.

Tips of Pregnancy

Symptoms of the second trimester of pregnancy

Back pains

As the pregnancy progresses, you may begin to experience some discomfort or back pain. To avoid them, adopt a correct posture, standing or sitting.

As your belly grows, your center of gravity changes and you should be aware of this shift to consciously maintain good posture.

Wear low-heeled shoes to increase balance, control weight gain, and exercise to strengthen your back muscles. You should consult your doctor before starting any physical exercise program.

Varicose veins

If you already had varicose veins before pregnancy, you probably already have some care like wearing elastic stockings, not crossing your legs when sitting, doing localized massages to relieve pain and discomfort, sleeping with your legs high and avoiding hot and humid places . Walking on the seashore and massaging your legs in the shower with tepid water also helps to decrease comfort.

Swollen feet and ankles

To avoid fluid retention, avoid anything that hinders blood circulation: stay too long standing or in the same position – if you work a long time sitting, get up from time to time and use a stool to support your feet and avoid crossing the legs.

Giving walks, wearing elastic stockings of proper compression, sleeping with legs elevated, taking care of the diet and avoiding excessive weight gain are some measures that help lessen this discomfort.

Driving in pregnancy

All pregnant women should wear a seat belt, taking care not to let the belt put pressure on the abdomen.

The transverse belt of the seat belt shall be placed over the bones of the pelvis so that it is supported at the bottom and the longitudinal band over the shoulder passing through the sternum.

In the last trimester of pregnancy, a woman should avoid using airbag seats. If there is no alternative, it is necessary to move the seat as far back as possible. It may also be inadvisable to drive late in pregnancy due to the proximity of the airbag.

Tips for a quiet symptoms

If you go to the gym, avoid the sauna and jacuzzi
If you travel , you should take some precautionary measures: try to make stops to rest, take with you bottled water and some crackers with salt and water. It is likely that nausea when it did not happen before
If you plan to travel by plane or by boat , it is convenient to confirm the company’s conditions for pregnant women.


A common problem for all future mothers is stretch marks . They form in the places where the skin is more stressed, and should be prevented by applying anti-stretch marks creams , which are quite nutritious, since the striae, once formed, are difficult to eliminate. You may also notice changes in the number and size of freckles. Do not worry, the culprits remain the hormones . However, watch your progress, change shape, size or bleed, consult your doctor.

Pregnancy Week by week

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