18 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms – Morphological Ultrasound

18 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

18 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms – Morphological Ultrasound


We explain to you how your body develops at 18 weeks of pregnancy and how your baby is growing. Let us help you clarify all your doubts.

At 18 weeks pregnancy, all structures of the baby’s body are developed. Your baby has everything he needs to survive but still needs to mature the organs and gain weight. You are likely to feel your baby moving, especially when you are resting. Here’s the essentials about the 18th week of pregnancy.

Week 18 – 1st Day

  1. Age of pregnancy : 18 weeks ( 5th month of 2nd trimester )
  2. Fetal age : 16 weeks
  3. 18 Weeks of pregnancy is 126 days of pregnancy
  4. Fetal length : 12.5 to 14 cm (measured from head to back)
  5. Fetal weight : 150 to 190 g (approximately)
  6. Size : apple

Baby Development

This week is the official start of your fifth month of pregnancy. Your baby is already capable of feeling and hearing. Now all he can hear is his heart and the noises of his digestive system. However, soon enough he may hear noises outside his womb and his voice. If it is a girl, the uterus and fallopian tubes are already formed.

The blood vessels are visible through the skin, very thin, and the ears are already in their final position and detach themselves from the head. The myelin (a layer of protection) begins to form around the nerves, a process that will continue for a year after birth.


  • The baby’s head and body are now more proportional to each other and the facial features are practically defined and will not change until birth. At the 2nd ultrasound or morphological ultrasound (performed between weeks 19 and 22) you can look for physical similarities with the family and find out the gender of the baby
  • The skin looks reddish and the body is still very thin. In the coming weeks, the baby will devote himself to accumulating fat under the skin
  • The eyes are properly positioned and directed forward
  • The soft cartilage of the body gradually transforms into bone and the muscles begin to emerge. The baby has plenty of room to move around. This movement is essential for good muscle, joint and bone development
  • Fingerprints are formed at the tips of the fingers
  • The intestines begin to produce meconium (the baby’s first fecal matter)
  • The alveoli (air sacs) develop inside the lungs
  • The kidneys are working and the baby swallows amniotic fluid and urine, keeping the amniotic fluid level
  • The prostate is forming in boys
  • The baby yawns and sobs, training the diaphragm for the reflex of the breath.

Note: According to experts, each baby develops at its own pace, into the uterus. The fetal development pages are intended to give just a general idea of ​​how the baby grows during pregnancy.

Week 18 – 2nd Day

Do not forget to inget calcium

Throughout the pregnancy it is necessary to ingest much calcium. At snack time, you can eat almonds and bits of cheese. Make vitamins with natural yogurt and add sesame to meals may not look like it, but it is rich in calcium. Avoid soft drinks because the phosphorus contained in them impairs the absorption of calcium and can still cause cramps. Opt for coconut water or some juice, avoiding artificial sweeteners.

Week 18 – 3rd Day

Paternal Insecurities

Even if they do not say it, many men are afraid that after the baby arrives, their partner will forget about it and focus all their love and attention to the newborn. “Will she still like me after the baby is born?” Give him confidence right away with words and gestures and explain that both father and mother will focus heavily on the baby’s needs. When the baby is born, try to set aside time for the couple. Your child will completely change their routine, now it’s time to prepare for it, remembering that the presence of the child’s father is very important since the pregnancy.

Week 18 – 4th Day

Body Temperature

Throughout the pregnancy, it is not recommended to use saunas, hot tubs or hot tubs (with a temperature above 30º). The body temperature of the mother can harm the fetus. This is also true when doing physical exercises you should take care that your body does not get too hot. Another reason to stay away from hot environments is that pregnant women have a natural tendency to hypotension (low blood pressure) and are more susceptible to fainting.

Week 18 – 5th day

Your Body

  1. By this week, you may feel the movements of your baby. Some women describe this sensation as ” a bubble bursting in water “
  2. She probably does not suffer from heartburn much . On the other hand, you may feel more appetite and strange desires like wanting to eat a certain food
  3. To combat the discomfort caused by varicose veins or feel tired legs , use half of rest or elastic, depending on the level of discomfort. At night sleep with a pillow under the legs to facilitate venous return from the feet to the heart
  4. Wearing a belt to wrap your tummy can also be helpful and comfortable. Talk to your doctor about the best options for you
  5. With increasing belly weight and volume you may feel more tired. Avoid straining, lifting weights and all kinds of positions that overload the spine. Pay attention to your posture to avoid back pain .

Avoid sitting too long or standing. You have more blood in your body and it needs to circulate. Move on!

However, the recommendation not to stand for many hours during pregnancy is nothing new. It is known that the worst posture for the pregnant woman is to stand, because it causes problems in the spine, as it overloads the lumbar region, and facilitates the appearance of varicose veins in the leg. In this position, the ideal is for the woman to be walking.

Week 18 – 6th day


It is probably at this time that your doctor will ask for a morphological ultrasound. A detailed ultrasound that can take more than half an hour. In this examination, it is also possible to determine the location of the placenta. If you are blocking the opening of your cervix, your doctor will order further exams.

In most cases, it changes, do not worry. Also, it will measure the baby’s head and the femur and check if the baby’s growth is within the average. By being a thorough examination, taking the father of your baby together may be a good idea. He will see the baby better and will enjoy the experience a lot.

Week 18 – 7th Day

Your Body

This line, which may be up to one centimeter wide, appears in the lower abdomen, often passing through the navel. Tends to emerge near the second trimester of pregnancy. It is caused by the pigmentation of the skin in the area where your abdominal muscle stretches to accommodate the baby, becoming slightly separated. The line, also called linea nigra , can take up to a year to disappear after giving birth.

Tips of Pregnancy

What can you plan for this week?

This week you can start looking for where you are going to attend childbirth preparation and parenting . These courses are held in groups to stimulate the exchange of experiences and the creation of an informal support network for parents, particularly important for those expecting the first child.

The topics covered focus on labor , care for the newborn and the puerperium (the first 6 to 8 weeks after childbirth necessary for your body to return to pre-delivery). So you can count on breathing training and relaxation techniques training, information on pain relief and comfort during childbirth, breastfeeding techniques , the role of the father in labor or the collection of stem cells .

Taking classes in the maternity / hospital where you plan to have the baby can be an advantage as you get to know the facilities and the environment that you will find on the day of delivery. Classes are initiated at around 28 – 30 weeks ( 7 months ).

Stimulate the baby

With 18 weeks of pregnancy, your baby already hears and can distinguish your voice from other external sounds. It can stimulate you to the sound of your favorite music while gently massaging your belly. Sometimes these stimuli make the baby move and can feel it while caressing it. These gestures of affection can be apprehended by the baby and are believed to contribute to his well-being.

Pregnancy Dating

The date of the first day of the last menstruation allows to calculate with the gestational age and the probable date of the birth, with a margin of error of 14 days. However, there are other tests performed during pregnancy that allow the gestational age to be dated .

  • The analysis of several indicators allows to establish a direct comparison between the state of development of the baby and the state of development expected for the time of gestation:
  • The fetal beat between the 11th and 12th week
  • Perceptible fetal movements from the 19th week on the primipara (first pregnancy) and the 17th week on the multiparous (when the woman had previously delivered)
  • By calculating the uterine height. The fundus of the uterus is usually at the navel level around the 20th week of pregnancy .

Pregnancy Week by week

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