22 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms – Baby size

22 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

22 Weeks Pregnant SymptomsBaby size


We explain to you how your body develops at 22 weeks of pregnancy and how your baby is growing. Let us help you clarify all your doubts.

At 22 weeks pregnancy, enter the 6th month of pregnancy. Your baby is now the size of a sleeve and moves freely in the amniotic fluid. This whole movement is fundamental to the healthy development of bones, muscles and joints.

Week 22 – 1st day


This week, the baby measures 25 to 27 cm and weighs approximately 350 grams. The baby is already in the proportions that will be born, but is still very small. He’s still going to have to get fat enough. While this does not happen, the skin becomes wrinkled. The lips and eyes are formed, although the iris does not yet have pigments. The pancreas, essential for the production of hormones, continues to develop. The first teeth are already developing inside the gum. The fine hairs on the eyebrows, like those on his head, do not contain any pigment, they are pure white. Her eyelids are fully formed, although they are fused together until about the 28th week.

Week 22 – 2nd day


By this time, you should have gained between 5 and 7 pounds. As of now, the weight gain should be just over 200 grams per week.

Despite the occasional annoyances, this stage of pregnancy is a lot of fun. Chances are you will only feel uncomfortable again after 30 weeks. Your belly has grown enough to make you feel really pregnant. The best thing is that you can get up from the chair with ease and even tie your shoes because your tummy is not yet so big. The morning sickness is probably gone, and the appetite has reappeared. Enjoy this moment!

Week 22 – 3rd day


Responsible for the baby’s emotions, the limbic system is in full development. You may also feel frequent mood swings.

This is the system that controls feelings and emotions. Although it may seem incredible, it will allow you to have mood swings in the coming weeks. We can already see the baby’s nails, eyebrows and eyelids. Only the eyelashes appear. From now on, he begins to develop his senses, especially touch and taste.

Week 22 – 4th day


You are in the middle of your pregnancy . At this point, you will feel your breathing deepen and your heart rate accelerate. Feeling more tired is normal: your body has changed a lot after the first few weeks of pregnancy and it is time to rest and put aside activities that require exaggerated efforts on your part.

Schedule a night out, go to the movies, to a bar, to your favorite restaurant or any other place that gives you moments of intimacy between you and your partner. Enjoy that the baby has not yet been born and take time just for the two of you. Take advantage of short trips if you still can. Later it will not be recommendable.

Week 22 – 5th day


Vitamin C is a substance with high antioxidant power that is part of the group of 13 essential vitamins for the proper functioning of the body. Because it is soluble in water (water soluble), its excess is easily eliminated through the urine. The predominant function of vitamin C is the protection of the body, it helps protect the skin and gums. It is essential for iron absorption, healing and normal bone growth, as well as promoting the synthesis of hormones. Need more reasons than that? Eat fruits like orange and mandarin, pineapple, strawberries, and vegetables like arugula, tomato and watercress. You need 80mg / day.

Week 22 – 6th day


If you drink alcohol, you are exposing your baby to risk. Alcohol easily crosses the placenta, keeping itself in high concentration in the baby’s blood that still can not metabolize it. Alcohol produces its toxic effect on the level of cell division, so you run the risk of your child developing Fetal Alcohol Syndrome or even losing your baby. Do not take alcohol, especially during pregnancy, lightly. Do not drink anything because, at first, there is no consensus on a safe limit.

Week 22 – 7th day


Do you think your belly is small by the 22nd week? Do not worry, some women are more bulging than others. Try not to be anxious. In the first pregnancy, the belly is smaller. From the second on, the belly appears earlier.

During this week, you will see that your breathing is deeper and your heart rate is accelerating. This is due to the increased volume of circulating blood and certain cardiac overload.

Tips of Pregnancy

Prepare other child (ren) for the arrival of the baby

If you have other children, it’s time to prepare them for the birth of the new baby . Now that your belly is visible, it is only natural that questions arise. Explain what’s going on and let him touch your belly and feel the baby.

Another way to include your children upon arrival of the new baby is by enveloping them in arrangements for their arrival as the organization of the room or the choice of name .

Of course, the older sibling (s) may feel jealous because they will share their parents’ attention with a new baby. It is important for you to tell them that each has its role and that both are equally loved and desired.

Traveling in pregnancy

If you are thinking about traveling, there are some precautions you should take: make stops to rest, bring bottled water and some crackers of salt and water. During pregnancy you may become sick when traveling by car or train. Go ahead and be prepared.

If you travel by plane or by boat , be sure to confirm the company’s conditions for pregnant women and any documentation you may need to bring with you.

Where to leave the baby after the parental leave?

Although it seems very early and you still have a lot of time to decide, it is time to look for the place where you will leave the baby after the parental leave. If your option is for a nursery / nursery, it is necessary to make the registration in advance to ensure a vacancy.

According to experts, the sooner the baby gets into day care, the easier it will be for them to adapt. This is because, before 8 months , the absence of the parents is not very felt by the baby and, for that reason, the anxiety that feels to move away from the mother is smaller.

At around 8 months , the baby develops the so-called “anguish of the 8th month” or ” separation anxiety ” that arouses feelings of insecurity, fear and abandonment .

  • Help the baby integrate into the day care
  • Leave child in day care

Medication in pregnancy

Since the active principles of the medicines taken by the mother can cross the placenta and expose the baby to its adverse effects, the prescription of any medicine during pregnancy should only occur when the benefits to the mother are considered superior to the risks to the fetus.

This indication is also valid for supplements or herbal medicines. Therefore, you should not take any over-the-counter drugs.


Do you spend part of your time on physical activity? If you are not in the habit of playing sports, or do not have a lot of free time, you should spend at least a few minutes a day doing some simple exercise that helps strengthen the muscles of the abdomen , legs and back.

The important thing is that the exercises are smooth and that they are done without sudden stretching or excessive exertion.

Another very healthy routine, to keep during pregnancy, is to ride. Walking, maintaining a correct posture, will tone your muscles, aid breathing, and improve blood circulation . In addition, the simple swing of the walk will also relax your baby. He will feel this movement as if it were to be packed. Try to sit upright, with your back straight and your legs slightly apart.

Pregnancy Week by week

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