25 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms – Sleeping position

25 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

25 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms – Sleeping position


We explain to you how your body evolves with 25 weeks of pregnancy and how your baby is growing. Let us help you clarify all your doubts.

At 25 weeks of pregnancy, your baby looks like a newborn despite the fact that the head is still relatively large in relation to the body. Even in the newborn, the head makes up 1/4 of the body and is wider than the shoulders.

  1. Age of pregnancy: 25 weeks ( 6th month of 2nd trimester )
  2. Fetal age: 23 weeks
  3. 25 Weeks of pregnancy are 175 days pregnant
  4. Fetal length: 34.6 cm (head to toe)
  5. Fetal weight: 660 to 700 gr (approximately)
  6. Size: medium potato

Week 25 – 1st day


The fetus measures 30 to 33 cm, weighs 600 to 700 grams and already looks like a baby, although the head is slightly larger than the body. The arms and legs are very thin because the baby will only accumulate the fat in the final weeks of pregnancy.

Your lungs continue to develop. Before they were solid and fluffy, now, they are filled with little sacks of air. The baby continues to practice breathing movements, however, without air, just using the amniotic fluid .

The baby’s movements are becoming more noticeable. He stretches himself and wants to touch everything that is around him. Grab your feet and suck your thumb, as well as other fingers.

Fetal brain scans at this stage show that babies respond to touch and that if a light is placed in front of the mother’s belly, they tend to turn their heads. According to experts, this indicates the functioning of the optic nerve.

Week 25 – 2nd day


Your sleep probably is not very comforting due to intense dreams or nightmares. This is quite normal. In addition, the larger belly makes it difficult to find a comfortable position in bed. It is advisable to sleep on your side (if you still do not do this). Preferably on the left side. Pillows are very useful, so use several: between your legs, under your belly, on the side or where they make you more comfortable.

Week 25 – 3rd day


The song combines right-brain activity (melody) with left-side activity (words), which will ultimately encourage the growth of the connections between the two halves of the baby’s brain. Usually, the fetus reacts better to the mother’s voice and then to the male voices.

Week 25 – 4th day


It is time to think about everything that will change in your life and think about your child’s future. Modern families come seeking all the possible resources that can bring security to the boy or girl who is on the way.

As health and well-being come first, go for private pensions, a health plan, and the collection of umbilical cord blood stem cells at birth .

Collection is becoming routine in the world. More than 2.4 million couples have already collected in the world. The blood stored umbilical cord can be used in bone marrow transplantation for diseases such as leukemias and lymphomas. You know that situation you hear so much about, someone who needs a bone marrow donor and can not find it? If you collect and store the stem cells in a private bank, the material will be available to your child and your family immediately in case of need. Doctors will want to test whether the material is compatible. The chance of family compatibility is much greater than resorting to potential non-kin donors.

Week 25 – 5th day


Keep with the future dad a good channel of communication, which allows each of you to express your desires and fears. It is also an opportunity to expand the sexual horizons, especially at the end of pregnancy, when certain positions, such as “Mom and Dad”, can be uncomfortable or even impossible.

Week 25 – 6th day


There is still no solid research that indicates with certainty whether or not hair dyes are harmful to the fetus during pregnancy. The Organization for Teratology Information Services (OTIS), an international network that discloses data on possible risks in pregnancy, says there are no reports of hair dyes that have caused changes in pregnancy. The organ also points out that very little of the paint chemistry is actually absorbed by the body. Other studies, which show possible harmful effects, are not very definitive. Either way, it costs nothing to sin for excess and try to wait as long as possible to re-paint the hair. Look for more “light” solutions, like more modern toners and without ammonia.

Week 25th – 7th day


Inattention and forgetfulness are very common during pregnancy, and although they may have a physical origin, they do not constitute a medical problem. Have your calendar or a good old notebook written down to write reminders. The point is that your brain is instinctively selecting information related to its most important moment. I bet if it’s a baby, clothes, baby bottles, your.

Tips of Pregnancy

Is it normal to have contractions during pregnancy?

During the various stages of pregnancy, the uterus is trained by making small contractions as preparation for childbirth. These are the so-called false contractions or contractions of Braxton-Hicks . Many women experience great anxiety because they confuse these contractions with true labor contractions and with a threat of preterm delivery .

For a few seconds, you can feel the belly hard and then relaxed. These contractions, unlike the true ones, are irregular and painless . They arise between the transition from the 2nd to the 3rd quarter , around the 28th week, although they may occur earlier. In Braxton-Hicks contractions, the pressure of the fingers deforms the uterine wall, causing a slight depression, which does not happen with contractions of labor.

Abdominal pain in pregnancy

In addition to the false contractions, you may experience abdominal pain with some frequency. It is a pain located laterally and is caused by stretching of the ligaments that support the uterus, by the distension of the uterus and slight rotations that it can suffer and that do not cause any problem for the pregnancy or for the baby.

However, if this pain bothers you and you are worried, talk to your doctor.

Sleeping position

From the 20th week onwards, you may be advised to sleep on your side rather than on your belly upwards to avoid over-pressure on the aorta and vena cava, major blood vessels that, when compressed, may compromise proper blood circulation and corresponding capacity of irrigation of the organs and the brain (aorto-cava compression syndrome).

Weight gain in pregnancy

The recommended weight gain in pregnancy varies from woman to woman according to their pre-pregnancy body mass index and number of fetuses.

As gaining more or less weight than recommended for pregnancy has consequences for maternal-fetal health, weight is always monitored at each prenatal visit.

To get an idea of ​​the total weight gain (taking into account that they are values ​​that represent an average) see how the weight can be distributed during pregnancy:

  1. Baby: 3.4 kg
  2. Placenta: 680 g
  3. Amniotic fluid: 900 g
  4. Uterine expansion: 900 g
  5. Maternal breast tissue: 900 g
  6. Maternal blood volume: 1.8 kg
  7. Liquids in maternal tissues: 1.8 kg
  8. Maternal fat reserves: 3.2 kg

Total on average: 13.5 g of weight gain (all weights are approximate).


Have you chosen the site for the next vacation ? It is recommended that you avoid long journeys, high mountains, too hot climates, and all places that do not guarantee adequate medical care . If during the vacation you have to make some routine consultation be sure to take your full medical history, as well as all the prescriptions prescribed by your gynecologist .

Do you have any other children ? If so, have I told you that you are going to have a baby brother ? In general terms, there is no rule that says when explaining to the first-born that a brother is coming , but it is advisable not to leave it too late. It is important that you also participate in your pregnancy and that you feel happy with the arrival of the new family member.

Pregnancy Week by week

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