28 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms – Baby position in the womb

28 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

28 Weeks Pregnant SymptomsBaby position in the womb


We explain how your body evolves at 28 weeks of pregnancy and how your baby is growing. Let us help you clarify all your doubts.

At 28 weeks of pregnancy, you may be able to figure out what time your baby is awake and know how to stimulate him. This complicity narrows the bonds and the emotional connection between both. It really exists and is right inside your belly! Here’s the essentials about your pregnancy at 28 weeks of pregnancy .

  1. Age of pregnancy: 28 weeks ( 7th month , 3rd trimester )
  2. Fetal age: 26 weeks
  3. 28 Weeks of pregnancy are 196 days of pregnancy
  4. Length of the fetus: 37.6 cm (measurement from head to toe)
  5. Fetal weight: 1000 g (approximately)
  6. Size: large eggplant

Week 28 – 1st day


Officially started the third quarter! Your baby already measures between 35 to 37 cm and weighs 1000 to 1100 grams. Weight gain is faster and most women gain on average 5 pounds just this quarter. Layers of fat form gradually under the baby’s skin, in the preparations for life outside the womb. Your son already has eyelashes! Soon he will be looking at you. Looking into your child’s eyes for the first time is one of the best experiences of motherhood.

Week 28 – 2nd day


It is likely that you are divided: on the one hand, it seems that you have been pregnant for centuries; on the other hand, you may begin to be anxious and concerned about the approach of delivery and the baby’s arrival. To ease nervousness, it may be helpful to come up with a list of things to do. Start thinking concretely about what life will be like after the birth of your child and write the list for topics:

HEALTH AND SAFETY OF BABY – collection of umbilical cord blood, health plan, private pension, chosen pediatrician.

CAREGIVER OR NURSERY CHOICE – This requires time to choose.

BABY ROOM – crib, baby sitter, armchair for breastfeeding, breastfeeding cushion, toys, clothes and bedding.

INFRASTRUCTURE – car seat to leave the maternity and go to the pediatrician, bathtub for the first bath, protectors of outlet, protective stairs stairs, stroller.

CONSUMER MATERIAL – diapers, wipes, medicines.


Week 28 – 3rd day


The pointed belly is a sign of beauty in pregnancy. So take the time to exhibit it with pride, with modern gowns, and capriche in the visual. Evidence of what the pregnancy hormones naturally embellished in you. The hair? The skin? Cherish them! This will make it less important to the unpleasant symptoms common in pregnancy, such as the difficulty of breathing, more uncomfortable this week. The baby’s jog-stirring is pushing your diaphragm, making breathing more difficult.

Enjoy taking the photos from your pregnancy album. A tummy not in the ideal size!

Week 28 – 4th day


Time goes by fast and it’s best to get everything ready. If you plan to make baby showers, now is the time to do the planning. For the baby’s room, it is good to arrange at least the furniture, which can take a while to arrive.

Week 28 – 5th day


Many pregnant women can not or do not feel comfortable talking to themselves, if you are one of them, try reading books, magazines or even pregnancy diaries aloud to the baby.

Week 28 – 6th day


Your kids will surely love to see how you stayed when you waited for him and you, someday you will enjoy the memory of this very special phase in your life. Also, when your child grows up he will love knowing that parents were waiting for him with much anxiety and love. Feeling wanted and loved by parents does very well for any child. Believe! They love to see these pictures later.

Week 28 – 7th day


Zip closure: If the closure of the bra keeps turning all the time, the size of your bra should not be right. If the part that passes below the chest is leaving marks, and you no longer want to loosen the bra, try an extension for the clasp. It is a cheap feature that will relieve you of the tightness.

Loose handles: Try to adjust the handles so that they are neither tightened nor left.

Breasts escape: First step is to try to adjust the handles. If the breasts are still escaping over or over the sides of the bulge, then you need a larger size bra.

Unsupported: If your breasts look saggy or unsupported, try tightening the back closure and adjusting the straps. In case nothing happens, try buying a smaller size or change model, for a bra with more support.

Handles hurt: Marks on the shoulders is a definite sign that the handles are not tight, so try loosening them a little. If you no longer have to extend the straps (and the cup is good), you may need to look for a new bra model.

Tips of Pregnancy

Emotions of mother and baby experiences

The baby feels all the emotions the mother experiences because of the variation of the chemicals that the mother releases according to her state of mood (for example, stress hormone , cortisol) and that pass through the placenta to the baby’s system.

But, the baby also gains nervous sensitivity very early. By the 17th week you can already feel the caresses done in the mother’s abdomen and touching your body.

The baby shows early on a series of reactions, which are observed in the ultrasound, that is not indifferent to what happens in the extrauterine world: it is frightened, moves, turns or slaps the face as a reaction to stimuli or external events that affect it.

When does the baby go around?

If your baby has not yet ” turned around ” by positioning with his head on his pelvis, do not worry. You still have time to do it. At the next appointments, your doctor will determine the baby’s position and, if necessary, will help you to turn around.

What week does the baby go around?

About 50% of babies “go around” between 28 and 32 weeks . As it grows and the space in the uterus decreases, this position turns out to be the most comfortable.

What if the baby does not turn around?

According to the Directorate-General for Health , the external cephalic version (ECV) technique should be offered to all pregnant women who, from 36 weeks + 0 days , when the baby is not turned upside down (transverse situation ) or when the baby is sitting (pelvic presentation) and there is no contraindication for its performance.

The position of the baby and the birth

The best position for the baby to be born by natural delivery is turned upside down, well fitted into the maternal cervix. This position helps the dilation of the cervix in the early stage of labor , when it dilates 10 cm.

Consultations and exams

Between 27 and 30 weeks and 6 days, the 4th consultation and the 3rd pregnancy ultrasound (usually between 30 and 32 weeks + 6 days) should be performed.

In this consultation and given the approximation of the birth , will also be assessed the risk of the baby being born before the expected time. If your blood is Rh negative you will be given an injection of anti-D immunoglobulin (antibodies to the Rh factor) that will protect future pregnancies.

Maternity suitcase

The suitcase for motherhood, yours and your baby’s, should be prepared calmly and in advance. From the seventh month , you should pack your bags so you do not have to rush to make a rush buy.

Making a list of the items you will need is a great help. Before closing, consult the maternity ward where you plan to have the delivery to know what to bring and what will be provided by the institution. Another important purchase that you should not leave to the end is the chair to carry the baby home.

Learn what to take to motherhood for yourself, your baby, and your mate in this article.


Are you attending any course of preparation for childbirth? Enrolling in one of these courses will be a unique experience. It will help you understand what will happen at the time you go into labor and what are the most appropriate physical and psychic techniques to actively participate in the different phases that precede the birth of your child.

These courses are also addressed to the father, with the aim of involving him and teaching him how to help her, both psychologically and practically, during pregnancy, during childbirth and postpartum.

Did you go to the routine gynecological appointment ? If not, it should be time to do so, as well as any blood and urine tests that the gynecologist will ask for.

Pregnancy Week by week

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