5 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms – Belly and Cramping

5 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

5 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms – Belly and Cramping


We explain to you how your body develops in the fifth week of pregnancy and how your baby is growing. Let us help you clarify all your doubts.

Week 5 – 1st day

Growth and Development

Believe it or not, even if you do not look a bit pregnant yet, your baby’s heart is already beating. At 5 weeks the embryo is already visible on ultrasound and measures around 2 millimeters. He will go through a spurt this week. The heart is dividing into chambers and soon will assume a more regular rhythm. The major organs, such as the kidneys and liver, begin to grow. The neural tube, which connects the brain and spinal cord, will close this week.

The upper and lower limbs of the embryo begin to bud, little buttons that will give rise to the arms and legs of the baby. Intestines are developing. Below the opening, which will later be the mouth of your baby, there are small folds where the neck and lower arch will develop. The facial features are beginning to develop this week. The nostrils differ and the first version of the retina in the eye is in formation. See more details –

Week 5 – 2nd day


The placenta began to form last week, and the umbilical cord is fully working to channel the necessary nutrients from your body to that of the embryo. Oxygen, amino acids, fat and sugars are essential in this incredible project of building a human being.

Start taking folic acid (vitamin B9) if you are not already using it as soon as possible. This will help your body in forming healthy blood cells. Consume fish, poultry, soybeans and oats as they are foods rich in vitamin B6, which helps balance hormones.

Week 5 – 3rd day

Body and Health

Physically, you may experience symptoms as striking as the senses before menstruation. It is common for you to feel something similar to menstrual pain, as well as a nuisance in the lower back. Instead of letting yourself get overwhelmed by this uncomfortable feeling of fatigue, try to soothe yourself with warm, not too hot baths, listen to relaxing music, or enjoy and take a nap.

His nausea probably did not begin. Enjoy to drink lots of water. Take orange juice and eat fruits rich in vitamin C. They act as antioxidants, defending the body from harmful substances to health. When you beat that hunger, abuse the fruits to take advantage of all the fiber they contain. The fibers are great allies to combat constipation, super common pregnancy symptom. If it’s been more than a year that you do not go to the dentist, you better go now. There is increasing evidence that mouth disease can affect pregnancy.

Week 5 – 4th day

Your Life

How do you feel now that you are pregnant? If you were trying to conceive lately, you’re probably going to be ecstatic right now. Maybe, anxious, wondering things, even if everything is normal. If the news of the pregnancy was unexpected, it is normal for you to feel worried and unsure of yourself. All these emotions, ranging from uncontrollable euphoria to passionate fear, are perfectly normal.

Week 5 – 5th day

Your Life

Talk affectionately with yourself. It is time to treat your body as a sacred temple, as it really is now. Eliminate harmful habits such as smoking, drinking alcohol or using drugs. In addition to decreasing fertility, smoking may increase the incidence of ectopic pregnancy, ie a pregnancy outside the uterine cavity and increase the incidence of miscarriages.

Week 5 – 6th day

Your Health

In early pregnancy it is important that you do not get sick, so wash your hands often and always have alcohol gel at hand. Prefer not to eat raw meat, including fish, to avoid risk to your health. Do not overload your body, avoid heavy meals. Get out to walk! Nothing better than putting your body to work. Do not think of pregnancy as an excuse to eat for two, as those extra pounds will be the hardest to lose later.

Week 5 – 7th day

Your Health

Especially at this stage, where the cells of your embryo divide and grow at full speed, eat plenty of vitamin C. Among the good sources of this vitamin are raw fruits and vegetables. Do not forget to wash them well before eating them.

A glass of orange juice or a slice of papaya every morning makes iron easier to absorb, helps in healing tissues, and gives a “go-get” to free radicals – molecules naturally formed in the body that can degenerate cells. Therefore, this vitamin is of extreme importance for both the mother and the baby.

Tips of Pregnancy

What can you plan for this week?

If you suspect you are pregnant, you should schedule your first prenatal visit . During the pregnancy you will have 6 consultations (at least) to monitor your general health and the development of the baby.

In this consultation will be confirmed the pregnancy, calculated the probable date for delivery (DPP), performed a complete physical examination and requested a series of tests. Take advantage of the consultation to ask questions and clarify your doubts.

From the tests that will be requested, it will be essential to identify your blood group in order to detect some incompatibility between your blood and your baby’s blood. (You can learn more about this in the article blood group and Rhesus factor ).

If you have not started taking folic acid , you will be advised by your doctor to do this supplementation.

Tips for your partner

Parents are an essential element in pregnancy and baby care. As a future parent, you may have some questions that may or may not be shared by your lifemate. If there are genetic diseases in your family, check with your family members and share this information at the first prenatal visit.

If your partner suffers from nausea and nausea, help her overcome her discomfort . Offer her foods like ginger biscuits, milk shakes or crackers and salt before she gets out of bed.

She is probably also more tired, although the daily routine remains unchanged. Get ahead. Aspirate the house, clean the powder, put the clothes in the machine and do a relaxing massage.

Embryonic life support

The umbilical cord , which connects the mother to the embryo and through which all nutrients and oxygen pass, also allows the transport of a part of the products to be removed from the blood of the fetus to that of the mother, and then eliminated through her liver and kidneys.

The embryo is submerged in the amniotic fluid . This protects the embryo against shocks, maintains the pleasant temperature inside the uterus, allows the embryo to move freely which promotes the muscular. Amniotic fluid also protects the embryo from infections such as urinary tract infections.

Pregnancy Dating

The actual duration of pregnancy (which begins to count from the day your egg is fertilized by the sperm) is 268 days, that is, 38 weeks.

Since it is practically impossible to define the exact day on which the ovum is fertilized , it was agreed to date the pregnancy from the 1st day of the last menstrual period . If we count the age this way, the duration of the pregnancy is of 280 days (approximately), or 40 weeks ( 10 lunar months ).

5 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

Now is the time to redouble your health care, especially with what you eat. So, try to adopt a balanced diet with great food diversity. After all, they will be the source of where your child will withdraw the nutrients it will need to develop. But please do not go eat for two. The important thing is for you to eat healthy. Another precious tip is to avoid spending too much time fasting. Also know that at this stage the placental barrier does not yet exist. So.. avoid alcoholic beverages, smoking and self-medication, as these drugs can reach the embryo. Practicing is good. It does good for the baby and, after childbirth, will help her regain her shape faster. Before you start working out, get your obstetrician’s permission. This is true even for athletes.

Legislation protects pregnant women: if you carry out work that is considered to be “at risk”, you can be transferred to another job or get a low-risk pregnancy.

The gender of the baby is determined by the content of the winning sperm. The egg always contains an X chromosome ; the gender of the baby will be determined by the spermatozoon: if it has a chromosomal charge X, the baby will be a girl (if, on the contrary, it is chromosomal Y) it will be a boy.

Pregnancy Week by week

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