7 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms – All Organs are in Development

7 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

7 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms – All Organs are in Development Pregnancy Tips and Development.


We explain to you how your body evolves with seven weeks of pregnancy and how your baby is growing. Let us help you clarify all your doubts.

Week 7 – 1st day

Growth and Development

Congratulations! It is from that moment that the baby will grow by 1 millimeter per day. Therefore, focus on your food and the amount of water ingested.

In theory, your baby is still an embryo because it has the remnants of a small tail that will disappear in the coming weeks. But it’s the only thing that will diminish. The heart and brain are increasingly complex. The eyelids are in formation, the nose already appears and the arms bend at the elbows.

Although, at that moment, it’s nothing more than a ball, the baby already moves a lot, even without you feeling. That will change in a few weeks, when he is old enough to lean against the wall of the uterus. Then, yes, you will notice the first movements of your child inside you.

The embryo is about 4 to 5 mm long head-buttocks. The umbilical cord is formed. The heart has 4 chambers, the kidneys are forming and the brain is dividing into two hemispheres.

If you have not already scheduled a medical appointment, do so as soon as possible to start prenatal care. You have important tests to do early in pregnancy, such as the Toxoplasmosis test, for example. If you have no remnants of having this disease (cat disease), which manifests itself as only the flu in 90% of cases, you need extra-special care not to acquire it during pregnancy, where the risk of fetal malformations is high. You will have to avoid vegetables, salads and raw meats. See more details

Week 7 – 2nd day

Gesture and Health

Antibiotics are only used if there is any complication of a cold or flu, such as sinusitis, pneumonia or airway infection. There are many antibiotics that are safe during pregnancy, while others are not, so be sure to mention to any doctor you consulted that you are pregnant.

Week 7 – 3rd day

Body and Health

Maybe just getting up from bed and getting dressed is already difficult because of the nausea. But believe me, a little effort might be worth it and make you feel a little more like the pre-pregnancy days. What’s more, it is always a more pleasurable experience to do exercises without having as a primary goal to lose weight. The goal is only welfare.

Physical activity promotes muscle tone, strength, and endurance, making it a valuable tool to help you carry extra pregnancy weight and prepare you for childbirth. Not to mention that helps you get back into shape faster after the baby is born.

Week 7 – 4th day

Your Body

On the outside, you do not look pregnant. Maybe, do not even feel pregnant. Your uterus, however, is growing to accommodate the baby, who is getting bigger every day. Before pregnancy, the uterus was about the size of an enclosed wrist. Now it’s the size of a papaya small papaya. As it grows, you may feel a bit of colic and a few hooks. Nothing to worry about. But if they persist, do not hesitate to consult your doctor.

Week 7 – 5th day

Your Life

At the beginning of pregnancy, it is common for women to experience many mood swings . One hour they are ecstatic that they are pregnant, the next, they are crying in fear of what is ahead. The dumbest things are enough to provoke the tears, but, calm down, it’s all part of that phase. The combination of hormones and nervousness with pregnancy, in addition to becoming a mother, can also result in intense dreams or insomnia. Your hormones are a thousand. If you have mood swings, be calm, it’s supernormal.

Week 7 – 6th day

Your Life

Give yourself time to slow down, which will be worth training for the next few months. Emotional ups and downs can last throughout pregnancy, and some time after the baby is born, so the best thing to do is admit that sometimes you will feel weak and there is not much to do, . Doing exercise can help. Talk to the obstetrician to come up with a fitness routine that fits your specific conditions and the baby.

Week 7 – 7th day

Gesture and It’s Life

If you suspect that you are pregnant with twins (because your belly is already large, for example), you can confirm it by ultrasound.

There are two types of twins: the identical, or univitelinos (when only one ovum is fertilized by the spermatozoon, dividing and then separating in two) and the fraternal, or bivitelinos (when two ovules are fertilized by two spermatozoa separately).

Before telling your great novelty to everyone, why not take a break with your partner for a romantic two-week weekend with a “secret” so special that only you know?

Tips of Pregnancy

What can you plan for the next few weeks?

Your life is getting busier and there are many things to happen in the coming weeks.

  • You may need to buy clothes for pregnant women
  • Will perform 1st ultrasound examination and nuchal translucency (between 11 – 13 weeks )
  • If your baby is at high risk of chromosomal abnormality, you may be given additional diagnostic tests such as amniocentesis or chorionic villus biopsy
  • Between the 11 – 13 weeks will be the 2nd consultation of the pregnancy
  • Urine tests for the presence of proteins (associated with pre-eclampsia ), urinary infections and sugar (for prevention and possible management of gestational diabetes ) will be performed.

Tips for your partner

Her mate is more sleepy and tired. You’re likely to fall asleep long before you. You can enjoy watching your favorite series on TV or devoting yourself to whatever sports program is.

At 7 weeks’ gestation, your partner is likely to be severely affected by nausea and vomiting. Nausea, vomiting, and vomiting early in pregnancy are very common symptoms and can be very uncomfortable for women.

Several treatments such as acupressure on acupuncture points on the wrist (P6), ” acuestimulação ” (acupuncture in the ear), ginger, chamomile, vitamin B6, lemon oil, peppermint oil and many other medicines can help reduce these disturbances.

If vomiting is persistent and excessive there is a risk of developing hyperemesis gravidarum , which causes dehydration, weight loss and nutritional deficiency. In these situations, it is essential to seek medical help.

Nausea and vomiting (since they can occur at any time of the day) from the onset of gestation (between 6 and 10 weeks) can intensify between 11 and 13 weeks and tend to disappear at the end the first quarter or the beginning of the 2nd.

7 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

His anxiety at seeing the belly gain more rounded contours is a thousand, but it takes a bit of calm. For now, it’s hard to see that you’re expecting a baby. However, your body, internally, is working and undergoing modifications like never before. Just to give you an idea, your body’s blood volume has already increased. In fact, there is one of the causes of the frequent urge to urinate that you have been feeling in recent days.

With more blood flowing, the kidneys work folded and the bladder is soon filled. Your uterus is also larger, pressing the bladder and thus contributing even more to the feeling of having to go to the toilet several times. Do not even think about reducing your fluid intake. In addition to water, drink plenty of milk for the baby to have strong bones and teeth. Control the coffee in excess, it can make you anxious, besides damaging your teething. At this stage, you can still feel sleepy during the day. This symptom is also related to the increase in blood volume. Advice: faithfully observe your sleeping hours.

There is an increase in body fat that will serve as a source of energy for you and your child . You may need a vitamin supplement, usually rich in iron and folic acid , which, if your gynecologist prescribes it, is preferable to take meals or at night before bed to avoid digestive problems and constipation .

Tips for a peaceful pregnancy

During pregnancy, a woman can register changes in her sleep rhythm which translates into increased tiredness during the day and breakdown of energy for daily tasks.

Try to rest more. If necessary, make small adjustments to your routine such as removing the television from the bedroom or lying down earlier.

Equally important is food . In pregnancy you should not eat for two, but should make varied and healthy choices. If you can not eat a balanced diet at lunch, on a work day, prepare meals and take them home.

If you are unsure about the nutrients you should ingest and how much, consult a nutritionist to develop a food plan that fits your energy needs.

Drink lots of water throughout the day. During pregnancy the mother gains on average 11 to 12 kg, requiring an increase of only 250 to 300 Kcal per day to maintain a healthy pregnancy.

Pregnancy Week by week

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