Baby not crawling? How can I help my baby learn to crawl?

baby crawling

As babies get older, Parents need to pay attention and help to their growth and development. Has the development been in accordance with the recommended medical personnel? One thing to note, how long does the baby learn to sit perfectly?

Generally, babies start trying to sit starting at the age of four or five months. However, babies cannot directly do it themselves. The baby will start by tilting the body. Then the baby will learn to use the arm to hold his body.

If indeed the child has not been able to do it, should Parents train babies to learn to sit? Basically, training a baby to learn to sit doesn’t hurt. This of course can be practiced at home with your little one.

6 Ways to train sitting learning babies that Parents can practice When training babies to learn to sit, this activity can also include exercise to strengthen their muscles. When Parents sees a clever baby rolling over, and his neck gets stronger, the next step is to train him to sit.

1. Learning baby sits on your lap

When you sit down, place the baby on your lap in a sitting position. Make sure your hands hold the baby all the time. This method can train babies to get used to sitting position

2. Babies learn to sit on their laps

When Parents sit cross-legged If Parents sees a baby starting to get strong, including his erect neck, it will be easier to practice sitting alone. Position the baby sitting on your cross-legged lap. Make sure you keep your back so it doesn’t fall easily.

3. Sit on the sofa

When the baby begins to get used to the sitting position, try learning to sit on the sofa. But, don’t be left alone and must be within reach of your hand, because he still can’t balance his body.

4. Make sure the shape of foot is V

5. Reduce pillows around the baby

When sitting the baby, do it in the position of the V-shaped baby’s foot. Place the toy in front of him so that he doesn’t easily change his position. So that babies are safer, there’s nothing wrong with using pillows around the baby so the baby can sit upright.

After the baby’s body looks stronger, try reducing the pillow around it. If the baby looks uncomfortable with the situation, change the baby’s position and change his activities so that he still feels comfortable and certainly not stressed.

Keep in mind, when training your child to sit, do not let the baby take too long in a sitting position. This is because it can cause babies to defecate.

6. Use your arms to train sitting

Train the baby to hold or balance his body with his arm. Start with one arm and train with both arms when the baby is ready.

Factors that affect the baby can sit alone

The way Parents raised him
Some parents often support babies by providing the necessary stimulus. However, not a few parents do not do it or often let the baby lie down.

If the baby moves limited, he cannot explore new positions and this affects the baby’s growth. Therefore, one important factor is the way Parents provides support or encouragement to maximize growth.

Adequate nutrition
Babies must have enough nutrition to support optimal growth and development. Babies will also grow according to age when they get balanced nutrition.

Factors of infant maturity and development
Every child has a different level of development. This means the baby also has the potential to do something earlier or slower than other babies. So there is no need to compare one another, right, Parents. It is more important to monitor and stimulate children to be able to sit alone.

This factor proves, even if you train it but if the child doesn’t want it, he still can’t do it. Actually what is really needed here is how Parents need to be patient and follow the baby phase.

Parents of course need to remember that babies may need time to study, so there’s no need to rush.

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